The Resilient Herd: Supporting First Responders

(co-created with John Christy)

Stress is an epidemic in contemporary human life and affects people in all professions; however, no other workplace group faces such extreme stress levels as those of first responders, including active-duty military.

While stress cannot be eliminated, stress injuries and stress management can be addressed head-on. This requires a paradigm shift, away from the indestructible persona of the first responder to a more realistic acceptance of human vulnerabilities.

With it, individuals can learn to take better care of themselves, practice healthy coping strategies, build strength and resilience, and support one another adequately.

Circle Up offers a preventative approach during which program participants learn:

  • Internal resourcing and core experiences to utilize when needed.
  • A solid definition of “support”.
  • New awareness of how to use external resources during times of stress.
  • Honest assessment of personal liabilities.
  • A capacity to be open and honest in a group setting.
  • Ability to attune to mind, body, and emotional awareness.

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