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Showing Up and Circling Up

Resources for Crisis and Rapid Change During The Pandemic

Beth Anstandig
BETH Anstandig

Head Cowgirl, Owner

Are you or your group needing extra support right now, but you aren’t quite sure where to start?

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In the midst of this pandemic and all the changes in our world, does it feel disorienting and nearly impossible to create a new daily routine or to find your balance point?

We’re foggy and distracted one minute and then we are sharp and fiery the next minute. We’re unsettled, uncertain, and desperate to plant our feet on solid ground.

But so many of our systems are in crisis—breaking down or broken, in need of repair, desperate for healing, and far from a point of rebalancing.

We are trying to find a “new normal” but there is nothing normal about what we have been living with for months.

We have been in a sustained state of global crisis and it has affected our health, sense of safety, economy, and our social and emotional patterns.

More recently, the world has reached a point of intolerance around racial injustice, insisting on a change to heal and prevent the mistreatment, disempowerment, and violence against our black community members.

This kind of trauma deeply affects our capacities to lead ourselves and our people. Our households and workplaces have never been so disrupted and have felt so disrupting.


As we listen deeply to the emotions and experiences being expressed, here are some of the themes emerging:

  • We’ve become profoundly aware of our basic human needs.
  • Our self-care has never mattered more.
  • We have discovered we need each other for support, reassurance, and community.
  • We are searching for meaning and resilience so we can adapt and keep going.
  • The ways we have been living, working, and relating must be redefined. The disruption is needed.
  • There is no going back. We are forever changed.

Here are some ways Circle Up can offer support:

The Guide to Radical Self-Care: A Daily Wellness Routine

This free ebook is a practical self-care guide we can use every day, all day to help us identify our needs so we can attempt to meet them. This is a great tool to use at home or with work groups to normalize the mindset of wellness and promote self awareness as a value and practice. Free PDF! (Download here.)

Boundary Bootcamp– Self-Paced Online Course

You're overwhelmed. You overdo it all. You feel like a butler in your own home and you feel like others walk all over you. You sigh. You nag. You yell. It's time to set some boundaries and learn how to express your needs. Enroll instantly in this self-study course, supported by an online support group. Learn More...

Natural Grit: A Practical Course For Building Resilience

What if you were no longer at the mercy of the emotional roller coaster that runs your life? We can’t avoid life stressors or periods of turmoil, but we can create an unwavering trust in ourselves. In this program, Beth Anstandig will guide you to build your own resilience practice to give you the confidence and resources to roll with life's ups and downs. Learn More...

Emotional Resilence Training Customized for Your Team or Group

Maybe you’re part of a group of parents who have been limping along as you work from home and fumble through distance learning. Now it’s summer and you can barely see straight.

Or, maybe you lead a work team that has been stretched thin. You’ve lost members, you’re trying to create a virtual culture with no instruction manual.

Perhaps your group does front line health work or you are first responders. The stress injuries of your job were grueling before a global pandemic.

Though it may not feel like it, you have a wealth of resources, within you and around you.

This trauma-informed course covers: emotional wellness practices, stress reduction strategies, body awareness, and building support systems.

We offer a combination of online learning with easily accessible materials via our online learning platform, The Circle Up School. We also offer facilitated group meetings and coaching via phone or Zoom.

For groups local to the SF Bay area, Circle Up is able to host an in-person portion of this training at Take a Chance Ranch in Morgan Hill.

Nature and Equine Therapy for SF Bay Area clients at Take a Chance Ranch

If you are local to the SF Bay Area, you can take advantage of this very special experience. Beth Anstandig is now providing individual, couples, and small group sessions at her ranch in Morgan Hill, CA.

The natural setting of the ranch and the horse herd offer an interactive space for humans to get grounded and to find some peace with themselves and clarity with each other.

This is like a nervous system reset, which is exactly what so many of us need right now. In just a few hours, you will notice a change in your focus and an improvement in your ability to articulate your emotions and thoughts. You will leave the ranch with concrete ways to integrate your experience in your everyday life. Beth is a licensed psychotherapist and is trained in trauma therapy (EDMR).

For more information about Beth and the power of working with horses, please read here

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