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For quite some time, we’ve heard a call to action, an inspiration sparked by people like you who have asked us to create a program that teaches our model of experiential learning and Natural Leadership.

We are so excited to launch this new program. We are now accepting applications for our first cohort of Circle Up students. We hope you’ll consider joining us on this life-changing adventure.

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We designed this program for people who are already working with clients or groups. You might be a coach or a therapist, a teacher or trainer, or a facilitator of some kind. But the bottom line is you have a foundation of working with others. You’ve cut your teeth on coaching and training, but now you are wanting something entirely new, an approach that feels more alive and invigorating for you and your clients.

While we do cover a fair amount of coach training in this program, we are much more focused on our Natural Leadership model and a deep dive into how you can incorporate our foundational concepts and signature tools into your work. This training will fundamentally shift how you look at yourself and the practice of helping others.



Imagine having a framework and leadership presence that can quickly build trust with clients, see the heart of problems with greater ease and clarity, and can create breakthrough moments with less heavy lifting for you as a practitioner.

You can expect to learn the following:

  • How to design and facilitate Experiential Learning offerings which will profoundly elicit change and development for clients
  • How to use the Circle Up framework of The Four Questions of Radical Awareness to conceptualize client work and create a roadmap for working with others
  • How to bring Thought Work and Meditation techniques into your work
  • Tools for Self-inventory, fostering reflection and introspection for clients
  • The Drama Triangle as a framework for understanding complex relationship dynamics in personal and professional settings
  • The Dynamics of Power and Trust and how to create psychological safety within groups
  • The Art of Feedback and how to implement feedback systems and healthy boundaries that build trust in relationships



This might be our favorite part! Our program is designed to help you launch with your bright and shiny new approach. Throughout our time together, we will coach and consult with you to help you design, market, and launch an experiential offering to your clients. The cohort will offer support and feedback during this process so we can all learn from each other. While horse experiences are obviously our passion at Circle Up, we have found that deep experiential work of ALL kinds offers people a life-changing opportunity. We are so excited to see how you bring your passions and gifts to this work so that you can create an innovative learning experience for others.



We know it’s a pretty bold thing to say! But Circle Up offers something very special. Our approach catches people’s attention and helps them wake up, to open their eyes to a whole new way of seeing relationships and leadership.

Our training program promises the same to you, a pivot from how you’ve been doing things in your work. Here is how:

  1. Becoming an exceptional coach or teacher is an inside job. Our program teaches skills and concepts. But more importantly, we will ask you to stretch yourself, to grow and develop your innate human capacities and your relational arts. You are the instrument of your work and we are focused on helping you fine-tune your whole self.
  2. We are deeply committed to the power of experiential work. People are tired of being talked at and asked to learn passively. It limits our growth if we learn one-dimensionally. Our approach will always ask you to learn from something concrete and tangible, to experiment, to move and explore. We believe in the adventure of learning.
  3. Our program is empowerment based and grounded in the belief that autonomy in your approach will lead to your most authentic work. We will encourage you to find YOUR way of bringing Circle Up to life. We don’t want cookie-cutter versions of The Beth and Susan Show. We want to help you find how you are inspired to launch your version of Circle Up.



The Circle Up Experience Coaches Training Program will span 6 months. During this time, we will meet in person three times.
The in-person gatherings will be experiential and will be deep practice opportunities, as well as personal enrichment channels. We will also work together virtually two times per month.

Here is a tentative schedule:

Locations will be determined based on ease for participants, weather, and facility needs.
Travel is not included in the cost of the program.

Cost: $500 per month

*Corporate reimbursement is possible for professional development.
*Sliding scale is available. Please inquire!



Please tell us a bit about yourself. Feel free to ask any questions about our training program.

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