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For leaders to continue their personal and professional development, to truly see how they are impacting their organizations, they need a trusted place to explore the messiness of leadership. Coaching, when done well, provides structure and a safe container to share candidly, vent difficult emotions, strategize about interpersonal challenges, and explore the many facets of leadership vision.

The Circle Up style is unique and our clients find our coaching sessions to be refreshingly real. We are direct and honest with our feedback, solution-focused with our approach, and genuinely caring with the heart we bring to our work.



At a certain level in a leader’s career, honest feedback becomes nearly impossible to find. We refer to this painful and damaging phenomenon as “Bubble-wrapped Leadership.” Organizations bubble wrap their leaders and treat them like delicate crystal bowls that might break. People stop telling leaders what they need to hear. There is often a perception that leaders are experts at what they do and couldn’t possibly need input. Or, leadership teams, advisors, and chiefs of staff will attempt to protect a leader from truth so as to minimize stress or ego damage. Leaders end up isolated and in the dark, lonely and out of touch with how they are perceived and what is needed by their people.

We strongly encourage leaders to begin their coaching experience with a half-day or full-day horse experience. Our horses offer the most accurate assessment process we have found and the immersion allows a jump start to the coaching process. From there, we will have a shared understanding of career history, personal journey, leadership strengths and styles, liabilities and developmental areas, and we will have a common language for working together.

We take a limited number of executive coaching clients to maintain our high quality of service and availability. Please inquire for more details.

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We created our Small Circles offering so that you can bring together a group of peers, colleagues, or friends all interested in creating a community for support and learning.

This is how it works. You create a small group (up to 6 people) with the intent of working on authentic leadership and empowered mindset. Led by an experienced Circle Up coach, these groups include a combination of group coaching, goal setting, accountability, and support as you work together to grow personally and professionally. Small Groups meet twice a month for 90 minutes and require a 6 month commitment.

Cost:  $500 per month per person