Making Something out of Nothing:  The Creative at Work and at Home

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Our offices are pretty dull.  Tasks are assigned and tasks are done.  We clock in, we clock out. Most of the time, we are repeating actions that have been deemed productive in the past. [...]

Mindfulness Schmindfulness: Reality Is a Pain

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Mindful eating.  Mindful drinking.  Mindful working. Mindful napping.  Mindful this, and mindful that. Mindful purchasing of mindfulness-branded goods and services.  If you’ve been to a grocery store, a mall, a school, the internet, anywhere, [...]

Mindfulness in the Minefield: Reclaiming Calm in the Office

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You’re at your desk and the phone rings.  The hairs stand up on back of your neck when the number flashes on the phone’s face:  it’s your boss’ admin and you do not have [...]