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Our Locations


The Circle Up Experience will continue to operate out of the San Francisco (Bay Area), California; but we have grown to include ranches in Maine; Wisconsin; Portland, Oregon; Boise, Idaho; and Austin, Texas.

Take A Chance Ranch 975 Llagas Rd, Morgan Hill, CA 95037

Welcome to our world, a peaceful but powerful corner of the earth that we call home. Take A Chance Ranch is in the SF Bay area, in the heart of Silicon Valley but surrounded by rolling hills and miles and miles of open space.

We share this beautiful land in the Llagas Valley with a beautiful herd of horses, Dorper sheep (they are for the dogs so they have a job), our five border collies (Glen, Cap, Georgie, Hank, and Alice), and our rascal barn cats (who think they are part of the dog pack).

We love spending time with each other, with our animals, and enjoying the beauty of our ranch. And, we love sharing our space with friends, family, and our community.

Visits to the ranch by appointment only—or as an attendee of an event or retreat.

What to expect

A Whole Other World...

As you enter the ranch gate, you will feel transported to another world, to a peaceful space, held by the hills, open space, an ever-present breeze. Hawks flying overhead. A white flash of egrets across the hillside. Hills everywhere you look...

You'll also find a 1500 square foot newly remodeled barn space with a kitchen, full bath, heating, and cooling. It comfortably seat 35 people for meals, talks, and workshops. Best of all, it be can be fully opened up to open the fresh Llagas Valley air!

Everywhere you work you will discovery ranch antiques and art. 100-year-old materials that have been re-used and upcycled to revitalize the property.


History of the Ranch

Established in 1895 as a sheep ranch, the land has a rich and deeply personal history. For 40 years, Nicky and Bob Riehl owned it as 4R Ranch where they raised their family and many generations of animals. Nicky was a dear friend and sheep herding mentor to Beth, Circle Up's Head Cowgirl. Nicky and Bob passed away and the ranch found its way to Beth through a series of seemingly impossible circumstances.

Beth and her family made Take A Chance Ranch their home in 2013 and have been developing the property into a place for humans to feel awake, alive, and inspired.


New at the ranch...

Now open! A newly constructed labyrinth for walking meditation.


You're Invited Come and Experience the Ranch

We offer a variety of opportunities for people to enjoy the beauty of the ranch and to learn from the animals and land.​

Don't miss out

Don't miss out

The Human Herd: Awakening our Natural Leadership

Finally, a guidebook that unleashes our mammal instincts and shows us how to heighten our self-awareness, experience our lives more deeply, improve our relationships, and step into a more natural—and powerful—way to lead.


“This book will crack open your inner human-animal soul. It’s an intimate look from a brilliant and transparent mind at how we can be our deepest selves.”

Bryan Kramer

Forbes Columnist, Podcast Host Humanly Possible, TED Talker

“If you are interested in unearthing the natural leader within yourself, I highly recommend you take a breath, settle in, and read this book.”

Maggie Merritt

Executive Director, Steinberg Institute