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Natural Leadership Immersive Equine Experiences

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“In just 7 months, the work we have done with Circle Up has already strengthened our team, created safety, and given us a structure that encourages self care, vulnerability, and authenticity. It is also currently helping us to better identify developmental goals and roles that each staff member is best suited for."

Beth Anstandig

Head Cowgirl, Owner

1-3 Day Custom Retreats and Workshops for Business Groups

Sparking real change and growth, our customized retreats will open the eyes and hearts of your group in a matter of days.

Often described as “life-changing,” this kind of experiential learning will deepen your understanding of leadership, genuine relationship, honest communication, and community.

Our unique activities in a peaceful ranch setting allow you to tap into your innate instincts and reconnect to your Natural Leadership.

The horses are our starting point because they are always honest and committed to authentic relationships. In just moments of interacting with a horse, you will see your core leadership themes and stories emerge.

Our coaching will help you make immediate shifts and you will experience the freedom of a non-judgemental space to experiment with your Natural Leadership.

We provide you with a sound set of tools to continue this growth: we give feedback, offer top-notch coaching, and help you practice new skills and mindset shifts on the spot.

Your Adventure Starts Here

Custom designed retreats

Circle Up has committed years to understand what leaders in various organizations need in order to develop themselves, attain genuine and meaningful support, and provide inspiring vision to their teams.

We learn your specific goals during our pre-equine experience planning and preparation meeting. Then we’ll draw from our suite of nature-based activities, including our signature horse experience, to design the perfect retreat for your group.

Natural Leadership For Human Herds Your group will develop:

  • A keen awareness of personal leadership style and unique gifts in a group
  • A deep understanding and value of other group members
  • Clear and concrete ways to bring out the best in each other
  • A common language for navigating stress, change, and conflict
  • Concrete daily practices for the group to maintain stability and trust
Wake Up Your Natural Leadership

Popular themes and topics:

  • Effectively Leading Through Emotional Storms
  • The Art of Honest Feedback
  • Leading Through Fear and Change
  • The Power of Scope
  • Resilience Practices for Stress Management
  • Bringing Relational Leadership into Tactically Driven Teams

Post-Experience Support

Our post-equine experience integration sessions and coaching will give you and your group the opportunity to reflect on your experience. We will guide you as you integrate the lessons and awareness into your everyday practices in tangible ways.

Our Location

Our Locations

Retreats are hosted at our unique Circle Up locations,  including ranches in mid-coast Maine, San Francisco (Bay Area), California, Idaho, Colorado, Wisconsin, Oregon and Texas. Or our team will come to a special location closer to you. Please inquire for more details.

Success Stories

What Circle Up offers is different from other team-building exercises, and is also based on the way a horse lives and works. No conference rooms. No binders. No powerpoint slides. No blah blah blah.

Circle Up gathered together our group and turned us into a team! The Circle Up team (humans and horses) took our newly re-configured group—made up of people from three different countries—and gave us the opportunity to get to know each other in a completely unique way.

In over 35 years in Human Resources, having attended countless training sessions, I had never experienced the emotional response like the one engendered by this program. Every individual considered the program and the investment by our organization as having the highest value of any program they had ever attended.

Getting real-time feedback is a rare gift, and yet it's the biggest opportunity to learn about ourselves and grow. Circle Up’s program delivers just that, through the eyes of a partner who acts with total honesty and vulnerability, and without their own ego or agenda — the perfect mirror: a horse!

Circle Up experiences are inspiring and challenging. And a whole lot of fun. Beth's approach informs and empowers participants. She teaches and models leadership as authenticity, and cultivates a deep respect for the unique capacity of each individual member of the herd.

People spend lifetimes attempting to connect with themselves. One horse. One Pen. Immediate self-connection needed in order to put the horse at ease. Talk about centering. Wow!

There is nothing quite like having the privilege of working through one-on-one executive coaching with Beth Anstandig. There is an immense opportunity for personal and professional growth for anyone who chooses to embrace it.


In just 7 months, the work we have done with Circle Up has already strengthened our team, created safety, and given us a structure that encourages self care, vulnerability, and authenticity. It is also currently helping us to better identify developmental goals and roles that each staff member is best suited for.


I watched the wonderful replay with Beth Anstandig about personal and professional boundaries, she is incredible. Beth mentioned how she helps her child learn about emotions/feelings and techniques to be self-reliant. She has such great wisdom to share, and I could certainly use some help with emotions and raising two boys.


Horses mirror your energy, emotion, and leadership.

Because so much of our innate power is trapped in our thoughts and often self-defeating scripts, our truest desires are just out of our reach.

As prey animals, their survival depends on reading nuances in others, barely detectable shifts, and pressures or changes in their environment. This unique awareness allows them to read us and find the places where we are blocked.

These wise animals live in a cohesive herd which is a great example of balanced and shared leadership. Being with them, your human herd will have an intimate experience with stability and trust, with a group culture that values the giving and receiving of honest feedback, and the freedom for each herd member to fully embody their unique leadership role.

We have dozens of safe ways to interact with horses. From individual horse sessions to group activities, your day will be full of opportunities to learn with these amazing animals and truly understand your own leadership in a deep and lasting way.

You don’t need any experience with horses to gain valuable insights and make big changes through our work.

Unless your group has specified a riding retreat, all of our horse activities are on the ground and completely adaptable to meet individual needs.

Beth Anstandig

Head Cowgirl, Owner

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If you are inspired to create a Natural Leadership Equine Experience for your organization, Circle Up can help you identify a core theme or topic and design a transformative experience.

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