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Natural Leadership Certificate Programs 2022 - 2023 Offerings

We are now offering several exciting ways to begin your journey in learning and practicing Natural Leadership. These unique offerings each include a variety of methods for delivering the training so you have easy access to our proprietary model and you can learn it at a pace and intensity that is right for you. Learn More...

Natural Grit: A Practical Guide to Building Resilience

What if you were no longer at the mercy of the emotional roller coaster that runs your life?  A resilience practice is a pathway to your internal freedom. We can’t avoid life stressors or periods of turmoil, but we can create an unwavering trust in ourselves...
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Boundary Bootcamp Online Self-Paced Course

You're overwhelmed. You overdo it all. You feel like a butler in your own home and you feel like others walk all over you. You sigh. You nag. You yell. It's time to set some boundaries and learn how to express your needs. Enroll instantly in this self-study course, supported by an online support group. Learn More...

"The horses remind me that once I find my calm, centered place and have a clear intention in my body as to what I need and patience to see what the horse needs, then I can proceed forward with a calm confidence in my body. This was the experience I felt in the round pen - the horses communicate so simply and clearly what they need from me — and I can do the same — without words."


"As a mental health provider I needed an experience to bring self compassion back into my life. I had originally planned to do the retreat before the pandemic shut down because I was feeling burned out then and even more so now resulting in empathy fatigue with myself and my family."


"What an amazing day! I cannot say enough about my transformation, stepping into my power as a women, a mom, a wife and a biz owner. This experience has offered me renewal, breath and strength to continue on my journey in the herds I run with on a daily."


"I've always wondered why there is such a thing as equine therapy, training, seminars, leadership, etc. Even as I was there I kept wondering what the "thing" was. Finally, I realized the reason when I was in the coral with them, only one of us has a positive or negative judgement about motives — me. They are feeling whether than can trust me and how at ease they can remain in my presence. It is me who judges the success or failure of that interaction."


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