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The Natural Leadership School

9-Month training program, starts January 2021

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Head Cowgirl, Course Instructor

Join the Natural Leadership Training Program

A Model for Leadership, Relationship, and Working With Others

Imagine having a framework and leadership presence that can quickly build trust with others, see the heart of problems with greater ease and clarity, and can create breakthrough moments with less heavy lifting for you as a coach, therapist, teacher, or leader.

Our 9-month training program starts January 2021 and is a combination of online content, group coaching, and experiential onsites at Take a Chance Ranch to offer an in-depth look at the Natural Leadership model and how to apply it to your life and work.

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What is Natural Leadership?

We are human animals. But, we are disconnected from the natural signals of our mammal bodies. We are ruled by thought, language, ego, and story. As adults in the human world, we have learned to put our mammal bodies to sleep, to go numb, and to move through our lives on autopilot much of the time.

To reclaim the innate powers of our human animal, we can learn to pay close attention to our inner world and the signals it is sending us. We can bring into our awareness the feel, texture, and aliveness of what is happening in and around us. This awareness is called Natural Leadership and it is an ancient gift that may be hidden or forgotten—but it is never lost.

When we wake up this vibrant part of our humanity, we have access to a new source of information which we can utilize to take better care of ourselves, to respond to pressures within and around us, to make sound choices for ourselves, and to build more authentic relationships.


Circle Up's training experiences—both online and in-person—will open a new and profound channel of awareness for you.

You will learn to notice the subtle shifts in energy and emotion that occur in individuals and groups so you can respond and attend to pressures or pains when you sense them.

This makes you a reliable and caring leader. You will learn to use frequent feedback and honest communication to create genuine, trusting, and stable relationships.

How this program will help you:

  • Lift the hood and better understand the engine of interpersonal dynamics.
  • Deepen your practice of coaching, counseling, teaching, consulting, or leadership.
  • Learn and practice a model so you feel better equipped to use your skills and tools with more intentionality when working with individuals and groups.
  • Grow yourself as a helper, teacher, leader so you have increased capacity for making change.
  • Grow yourself for yourself.
  • Learn how to bring experiential learning into the work you do with people.
  • Master the art of quickly assessing situations, systems, relationships, and people.

We are deeply committed to the power of experiential work

People are tired of being talked at and asked to learn passively. It limits our growth if we learn one-dimensionally. Our approach will always ask you to learn from something concrete and tangible, to experiment, to move and explore.

At Circle Up, we believe in the adventure of learning.

How we will work together:

  1. Retreats at Take a Chance Ranch (three dates will be offered; a minimum of two are required)
  2. Online Materials (documents, videos, audios, articles, exercises, reflections, experiments)
  3. Regular Group Calls for Classes and Coaching (twice per month)
  4. Individual Coaching and Consultation (phone and email as needed)
  5. Online Forum for Our Group (maintained and facilitated by Beth Killough)

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Starts January 2021

(Click to download program brochure)