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Coping with Workplace Grief - Beth Anstandig

Coping with Workplace Grief

Even before COVID-19 subtracted so much from our lives, workplace grief was a corporate crisis. Now, as we have faced the loss of loved ones, missed occasions and celebrations, and isolation from family, friends and colleagues, the losses in our professional lives compounded with the effects of the global pandemic have become much more traumatic.…

Psychological Safety and Relationship -- Beth Killough

Crossing to Join the Herd: Psychological Safety and Relationship

Photo by Carla Richardson I spend time outside with our herd in the horse pasture a few times a day. It’s a nervous system reset for me and a way to find my way back to the most stable parts of myself.  Recently, I’d had one of those days where all the machinery around me…

Broadening the Concept of Mindfulness with the Four Channels of Natural Leadership Awareness - Beth Killough

Broadening the Concept of Mindfulness with the Four Channels of Natural Leadership Awareness

We’re used to thinking about mindfulness in terms of what’s going on in our thinking. But, the thing about awareness, which we can learn from being with animals, is that by tapping into our Natural Leadership Awareness, we can broaden the scope of mindfulness to include what’s happening within our bodies, spirits, and emotions. And…

Blog Hardship to Herdship

Hardship and Herdship: We Need Each Other

By now, you might feel like a caged animal. Well, you kind of are. We are human animals in captivity. COVID-19 has put most of the world in this surreal lock-down experience, and our lives have slowed down beyond recognition. I’ve been referring to it as The New Abnormal. I use these words to remind…

The Nature of Closure - Beth Killough

The Nature of Closure

Winter has been whispering at our closed doors and windows for a few months now. Frigid air, cloud cover, fewer rays of sunshine. The colder weather and shorter days affect us, whether we are aware of it or not. Our bodies have instinctively been instructed to pull the curtains hunker down. There is this palpable…

Learning to Continually Shift - Humanly Possible with Bryan Kramer featuring Beth Killough

Humanly Possible with Bryan Kramer, Featuring Beth Killough

Learning to Continually Shift September 24, 2020 Humanly Possible with Bryan Kramer is a podcast that reminds us being imperfect humans is our greatest competitive advantage and where guests share stories about small shifts that make an epic difference. Beth shared with Bryan how we can tap into our natural awareness as human mammals for…

Beth Killough - Work and the Future with Linda Nazareth, featuring Beth Killough

Work and the Future with Linda Nazareth, featuring Beth Killough

What Can Animals Tell Us About How to Work Better? September 16, 2020 Are there things that animals can tell us about how to cope with work stress and ultimately how to work better? Beth joins economist and host Linda Nazareth. In this episode, they discuss how human beings are mammals, but mammals who do not…

Working with the Fires of Fear - Beth Killough

Working with the Fires of Fear

What can we say about 2020 at this point? I find it difficult to choose words to capture the pain, anxiety, and losses that our human species has been facing. As a writer and lover of language, rarely have I been at a loss for words. This moment in time, The Great Pause, has forced…

We Need Each Other by Beth Killough

When the World is On Fire, We Need Each Other

When the reporters started calling, I figured they were after the story about the harrowing evacuations in the middle of the night, horse trailers weaving through the emblazoned Santa Cruz mountains, and the hundreds of displaced animals settling into unfamiliar barns. We’re located in the south Bay Area where we were quite literally surrounded by…

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