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Our Mental Health Moment

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Beth Anstandig

We’re having a mental moment. The pandemic and its related pressures shined a light on a growing crisis that reached a tipping point. We’re at a moment where people are ready to talk about and address the mental health symptoms that I think we’ve been living with for a long time.

It’s especially important as we find a new normal for how, when and where we work whether it’s onsite five days a week or from a remote location some of the time.  It’s painful and yet incredibly inspiring. I meet many motivated leaders wanting to influence system change, including the need for a paradigm shift in both mental health and the workplace and how those two fit together.

I’ve seen that we’re much more closely connected to and aware of our own needs in a very profound and important way, and that we’re able to talk about how much more we need each other.  That’s the core lesson from the herd, from the horses who are my teachers and help facilitate the groups we host at The Circle Up Experience. They show us how to own our own needs and the importance of learning how to take care of ourselves as leaders so we can model for others in our herds how that’s done. And then how to communicate freely about how we need and support each other.

That’s the preventive work we do to help leaders and others to tap into their internal Natural Leadership development, nurture their relationship skills, and proactively help their groups stay ahead of stress.

We explore and teach how to show up with intention and purpose in relationships and the relational behaviors that help colleagues feel they belong. All in service of creating the psychological safety needed so the workplace is one less pressure. One less thing affecting our mental health and addiction vulnerability.

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