Group Retreats at Take a Chance Ranch

Resources for Crisis and Rapid Change During The Pandemic

Are you or your group needing extra support right now, but you aren’t quite sure where to start? Does it feel disorienting and nearly impossible to create a new daily routine or to find your balance point? Here are some ways Circle Up can offer support:

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Our custom group retreats focus on personal development, healthy relationships, artistic expression, spiritual growth, and learning through a deep connection with nature and animals.

In addition to our signature horse experience, Circle Up uses other nature-based experiences and activities with animals, including sheepherding, nature meditation, falconry, primitive skills, writing and art, and mindful hiking.

Some of our retreat topics include:
Presence and Power for Women
Men’s Fire Circle
Creativity and Flow: Writing, Meditation, and Horses

Retreats are hosted at Take a Chance Ranch in Morgan Hill, California. We also have preferred locations on the California coast, the mountains of Idaho, Colorado, and Michigan. To plan your next retreat, please inquire here or book a consultation via the form below.

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If you and your group are inspired to create a retreat, Circle Up can help you identify a core theme or topic and design a transformative experience. Book a consult or contact us...

Retreats for Businesses

Sparking real change and growth, our customized 1-3 retreats for businesses will open the eyes and hearts of your group in a matter of days. Learn more...

Upcoming Retreat Events

Each year we host just a few exceptional retreats at Take A Chance Ranch which are open to the public. Check out the line-up...