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Personal and Professional Development Coaching

Coaching, when done well, provides structure and a safe container to share candidly, vent difficult emotions, strategize about interpersonal challenges, and explore the many facets of leadership vision.

We take ourselves everywhere we go. There are junctures in our personal or professional lives when we reach a tipping point. At times, it feels we are heading off a cliff and about to freefall. Other times, our life has gotten beautifully large and expansive, but we need support and structure to continue growing ourselves.

For you to continue your personal or professional development, to truly see how you are impacting others, you need a trusted place to explore the messiness of life and leadership.

The Circle Up style of coaching is unique and our clients describe our coaching sessions to be refreshingly real. We are direct and honest with our feedback, solution-focused with our approach, and genuinely caring with the heart we bring to our work.

Your Circle Up coaching experience typically commences with a half-day or full-day horse experience. The horses offer the most accurate assessment process we have found and the immersion allows a jump-start for the coaching process.

From there, we will have a shared understanding of your personal journey, career path, leadership strengths and styles, liabilities and developmental areas. We will have a common language for working together.

We also offer executive coaching – for individuals and small groups. Learn more about executive coaching...