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Free Resources Powerup your Natural Leadership Skills

Free Program Brochure: The Natural Leadership Training Program

Our 9-month training program starts soon and is a combination of online content, group coaching, and experiential onsites to offer an in-depth look at the Natural Leadership model and how to apply it to your life and work. (Click here to learn more about the program)

Download Now: Your Guide To Radical Self-Care

Do you live with an underlying belief that your self-care comes last? Wake up to the empowering practice of listening to your needs. You will become more resilient, less stressed, more supported, and you will feel more ease in your life. Discover this and more in the free self-care guide.


The Human Herd: Awakening our Natural Leadership

Finally, a guidebook that unleashes our mammal instincts and shows us how to heighten our self-awareness, experience our lives more deeply, improve our relationships, and step into a more natural—and powerful—way to lead.


“This book will crack open your inner human-animal soul. It’s an intimate look from a brilliant and transparent mind at how we can be our deepest selves.”

Bryan Kramer

Forbes Columnist, Podcast Host Humanly Possible, TED Talker

“If you are interested in unearthing the natural leader within yourself, I highly recommend you take a breath, settle in, and read this book.”

Maggie Merritt

Executive Director, Steinberg Institute