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Celebration and Self-Care for Milestone Days

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Beth Anstandig

Often, as teams, we celebrate birthdays but what about observing the other important days in our lives? 

Recently, one of our team mates took a day off to honor her grief. She knew it would be a heavy day and needed the flexibility and space to practice self care. She let us know she was unavailable  and would return to work the next day. 

How often do we discuss with our team mates that we need a day off, whether it’s self-care for a tender heart or to celebrate or reflect on another personal milestone. For me, my sobriety anniversary is a day I celebrate, probably more than my birthday.   

Consider planning a team practice in which colleagues are empowered to express and ask for what they need and how as a team you can create space for self-care and celebration. 

Suggest each team member answer the following questions: 

What is one day you would like to celebrate this year? Maybe it’s becoming a US citizen, a sobriety anniversary, or a graduation from a program. There are no wrong answers. 

What is one day that is perhaps more tender in which you could use some support or space to navigate? Maybe the day relates to the loss of someone important, a divorce, or something else difficult that happened. Team members don’t have to go into details, unless they want to share. It can be as simple as the date. 

You might find this type of team practice and the conversation helps to establish new relationship connections, inspires compassion among the teams, and creates a stronger sense of psychological safety and community.

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