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Celebration and Self-Care for Milestone Days

Celebration and Self-Care for Milestone Days

Often, as teams, we celebrate birthdays but what about observing the other important days in our lives?  Recently, one of our team mates took a day off to honor her grief. She knew it would be a heavy day and needed the flexibility and space to practice self care. She let us know she was…

Rethinking Leadership and Expressing Vulnerability

Rethinking Leadership and Expressing Vulnerability

Before you can lead others. You have to lead you. If you are taking care of your own needs, listening to your own needs, leading yourself through your day and through your life with some stability, then you are able to actually lead others. Whether that’s on a small scale with a couple of people…

Expansion and Movement

Expansion and Movement: We Have Big News

Never say never. I’ve heard that phrase throughout my life and mostly blown it off. These days, it’s the mantra by which I’ve been living. I’ll never leave the ranch. I’ll never move away from California. I’ll never be in another romantic relationship. These are things I said. Out loud and in the presence of other humans…

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Learning to Need Others

Does this sound familiar? “I’m fine.”“Oh, I’ll be okay.”“I don’t want to be a bother.”“I just need to spend some more time thinking about it.”“I’ll figure it out.” These are some of the things we say to ourselves or others when we are in denial of our own needs. Denying our needs is one of…

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Mental Health is Physical Health

We’re in the middle of a profound mental health crisis and it stems from not taking care of our mammal needs and not attending to the stress in our relationships. Psychological needs are physical needs because if we don’t feel psychologically safe, we experience a biological reaction. Our psychology informs our physiology, and our physiology…