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Circle-Up-Blog-Image Beth Anstandig

The Bill Brady Show

Beth joined host Bill Brady for a 45-minute conversation about her book, The Human Herd: Awakening Our Natural Leadership. Topics ranged from tending to our own needs and relationships to how we onboard and assimilate in new groups at work.   Listen to the extended interview below:

Lake View Interview blog image

How Animal Instincts Teach Us to Be Better Humans

Healthcare professionals, including those that provide mental health and addiction care, aren’t immune from needing their own mental health support. In this compelling segment, Beth and John Boyd, CEO Hospitals, Rogers Behavioral Health, joined Lake Effect to discuss how Rogers plans to use Beth’s Natural Leadership concept to help support its leadership and care teams.…

Learning to Continually Shift - Humanly Possible with Bryan Kramer featuring Beth Killough

Humanly Possible with Bryan Kramer, Featuring Beth Killough

Learning to Continually Shift September 24, 2020 Humanly Possible with Bryan Kramer is a podcast that reminds us being imperfect humans is our greatest competitive advantage and where guests share stories about small shifts that make an epic difference. Beth shared with Bryan how we can tap into our natural awareness as human mammals for…

Beth Killough - Work and the Future with Linda Nazareth, featuring Beth Killough

Work and the Future with Linda Nazareth, featuring Beth Killough

What Can Animals Tell Us About How to Work Better? September 16, 2020 Are there things that animals can tell us about how to cope with work stress and ultimately how to work better? Beth joins economist and host Linda Nazareth. In this episode, they discuss how human beings are mammals, but mammals who do not…

The Circle Up Experience at Take a Chance Ranch

Beth Anstandig on BBC World Service

BBC Health Check with Alison van Diggelen Beth Anstandig spoke with Alison van Diggelen of BBC World Service about the work she does with humans and horses. Beth explained our resilience to stress and change comes from our self-care practices and how the animals show us how soothing and powerful it can be when we commit…