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Dear Sally - Dragging or Leading

Middle Ground Mom

Dear Sally, My daughter is the true love of my life. Not to say that I don’t feel as much love for my son, but my daughter, being my first child, being challenging as she is, with her passion, her sensitivity, her vulnerability, her explosive temper, her visceral need for my physical contact when she’s…

Dear Sally - Dragging or Leading

Sick to Death of All the Advice

Dear Sally, I’m in the middle of a pretty messy divorce. I have two kids and I’m really scared about how this is all affecting them, as well as how the custody arrangements are going to go. In addition to all this stress, I feel like my friends and family don’t really understand what I’m…

Dear Sally - Dragging or Leading

Transferable Leader

Dear Sally, What are the most transferable parenting lessons you apply when leading at work? Dear Transferable Leader, The root of the word discipline comes discipulus which means learner or pupil. Did you know that horses know latin? We do! Okay…we do not. But one of my human friends shared this etymology with me and…

Dear Sally - Dragging or Leading

Tired Mama

Dear Sally, How do you manage leading that family and that herd at work? It’s a crazy business, Sally, being a working mom! Love, Tired Mama Dear Tired Mama, This question made me pause. I don’t know how to manage a herd and a job because I’m a horse. So all I do is manage…

Dear Sally - Dragging or Leading

Worst Critic

Dear Sally, Why are we harder on ourselves and those closest to us than we would ever be on any stranger? We are our own worst critics it sometimes feels. Dear Worst Critic, You’ve touched on a really good one here, sweet human. And, I sense that you have some heartache about this. After all,…

Dear Sally - Dragging or Leading

I Made a Bad Hire

Dear Sally, I need some help! Last year I was promoted to a senior level in my organization. As part of my promotion, I was tasked with creating a new department and hiring someone to lead it. The stakes were high, and I vetted the candidates carefully. I hired someone who came highly recommended, who…

Dear Sally - Dragging or Leading


Dear Sally, I’ve been trying to lead my horses around the round pen and get them to run. I ask them, show them, describe to them why they need to follow me, offer help, and hold them accountable. But still, they won’t do what I ask. It may be that they are distracted by requests…

Dear Sally - Dragging or Leading

Betrayed and Annoyed

Dear Sally, I found out today from one of the people on my team that another team member had basically been telling people that I was a bad manager, though I wasn’t given specific details. She hadn’t brought any feedback to me directly, and I actually thought we had a pretty good relationship. Ironically, she’s…

Dear Sally - Dragging or Leading


Dear Sally, Lately I’ve been wondering why I like to do everything at the last minute. There’s a bit of a rush about it. And for a long time in my life it was actually something I was super proud of. When the chips were down, I could always pull out a win. I spent…

Dear Sally - Dragging or Leading

Don’t Trust Easily

Dear Sally, I want to have deeper relationships with people at work but I don’t know where to start. I don’t really trust others easily. I know in my heart that I need more friendship and support with co-workers and I like “the idea” of colleagues who really know me. But it just doesn’t feel…