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Dear Sally - Dragging or Leading

Doubting Myself

Dear Sally, What advice do you have for someone who periodically gets a case of the imposter syndrome? Others around me tell me things about myself and sometimes I just can’t see them myself. I’ve been successful in most things I’ve persevered through and enjoy my work! But sometimes I get this feeling like I’ve…

lead yourself love yourself (1)

Lead Yourself, Love Yourself, and Others Will Follow: A Crash Course in Personal Leadership

Buzzwords are like old sweaters. They’re familiar and comfortable but eventually the yarn gets frayed and their shape falls apart. We have perhaps saturated the concept of leadership beyond recognition. It used to be sweater and now it’s a tattered blanket. Leadership used to refer to management, the people in power, and how we bossed each other around in the workplace.…

Dear Sally - Dragging or Leading

Mare in Management

Hey Sally, I’ve been with my herd for 6 years, but I have never quite felt like I belong. Sometimes I’m seen as negative more than I “should”. I’ve been told the negative talk is just not good leadership and to put a positive spin on it. I see my words as more realistic and…

the art of redirection (1)

The Art of Redirection: Badass Boundaries With a Touch of Love

There’s a sweet and simple time in baby and toddler development when redirection is just about a foolproof discipline strategy. Baby is teething on your cell phone as it starts ringing and you need to answer it. You grab it from his hand, scan the floor for a bright and shiny almost anything, hand it…

Dear Sally - Dragging or Leading


Dear Sally, My boss is asking me to do something I’m not comfortable doing. How do I say no? Dear Uncomfortable, For horses, comfort is a funny thing. We live with and tolerate all kinds of external pressures: wind, flies, predators, fences, humans, humans, humans…. Let me share with you, as a fellow mammal, some…

Dear Sally - Dragging or Leading

Restless & Wondering

Dear Sally, I’m writing to you because I think there’s something wrong with me. I’m a 37 year old woman with a great job. I’ve been working at this company for a few years now, and I’ve been promoted twice. To everyone else it must seem like my career is on track and that I…

border collie leadership (1)

Border Collie Leadership: Learning the Power of Scope

I love the unique perspectives about relationships, leadership, and culture that animals have to offer us. As humans, we can get quite stuck in our heads, thinking and staring at our own stories, identities, and egos. The animal lessons are tangible and straightforward. What you see is what you get. And if you spend a few…

Dear Sally - Dragging or Leading

I Think I Just Got Kicked From Behind

Dear Sally, I have an employee who recently challenged me on a decision but in a disrespectful way. His tone of voice, eye contact and posture said “I’m right and and I won’t even listen and consider what you have said”. Even after my repeated attempted to explain why I disagreed with him, his behavior…

delayed leadership (1)

Delayed Leadership: Are You Asleep at the Wheel?

When we talk about leadership, our clients often think we are referring to how we manage others or build teams. So, they are shocked and confused, and even a little grumpy with us, when we take the leadership puzzle, shake the box, and scatter the pieces everywhere. We can be a bit disruptive! Which is interesting…

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