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Mindful of the Shadow

Mindful of the Shadow: Do You Fight or Invite Your Dark Side?

Eric Killough shares the down and dirty truth about meditation and how slowing down our thoughts allows us to come face to face with primitive parts of ourselves. Is it our inner sociopath wanting to run our lives or simply the human animal inside of us who would has a bit of important information?  I…


My Guru is a Bay Mare

I met Sally when she was a youngster, just a slight filly fresh off the trailer. I had recently purchased my lovely horse, Rosie, and was knee deep in our love affair when Sally arrived at the barn where I rode at that time. Just your average bay mare, brown coat with black mane and…


I Never Go Camping

A good friend of mine has extended to me an open invitation to go hiking and camping with him in Yosemite basically every weekend over the past month. I said no thanks every weekend. Every weekend, I wanted to go. But I never go camping. I believe this about myself: I never go camping. Then,…

thought addict

Are You a Thought Addict?

A week ago, I hitched my wagon to the Circle Up Wagon Train. Me, a dozen or so strangers, and a months’ long conversation about personal leadership. What could possibly go wrong? Our first assignment, as I understood it, was to identify one trait in our thinking that was keeping us from moving forward into…

Getting to Know Each Other

Our Relational Blind Spot: Getting to Know Each Other

They shake your hand and say they’re so glad you’ve joined the team. You have an impressive title, a shiny new badge to enter the building, and the passwords you need to start your first tasks. Now what? Well, according to EVERYONE, the rest is a confounding mystery. We are on-boarded into groups for about…

the grandiosity trap

The Grandiosity Trap: Why We Choose the Impossible

We’re inspired to choose the road less traveled and we think it’s what will make us heroic and extraordinary. But have you ever noticed how much trouble we get into along the way? One of my favorite things to do is wander around on horseback with no particular goal. It’s not something that humans do…

Untitled design

Human Whispering: The Art of Shutting Up

I spend a lot of time with horses and dogs, and my family will insist I acknowledge here,  I’ve also become a crazy cat lady in the last couple years. I love this life with animals because they help me see myself as a human animal. And seeing myself as a human animal shifts how…

A lone wolf

A Lone Wolf Answers Back: Healing Ourselves Back into Community

Through the dark valley, the call is heard. Two ears stand up and listen intently as the howl echoes, and the notes bend and change. There is a pause. A choice. A barely noticeable but critically important moment. A dilemma is born. A pull toward togetherness and friendship, toward safety and community, closeness and love. And,…

power of moving our feet

The Power of Moving Our Feet

How often have you heard people complain about being stuck, wanting to make a change but finding it impossible? What about the friend in analysis paralysis who walks around a decision for years and never makes it? A mentor of mine called it terminal ambivalence which always made me think of being trapped in a traffic roundabout,…

lead yourself love yourself (1)

Lead Yourself, Love Yourself, and Others Will Follow: A Crash Course in Personal Leadership

Buzzwords are like old sweaters. They’re familiar and comfortable but eventually the yarn gets frayed and their shape falls apart. We have perhaps saturated the concept of leadership beyond recognition. It used to be sweater and now it’s a tattered blanket. Leadership used to refer to management, the people in power, and how we bossed each other around in the workplace.…