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Are You a Thought Addict?

A week ago, I hitched my wagon to the Circle Up Wagon Train. Me, a dozen or so strangers, and a months’ long conversation about personal leadership. What could possibly go wrong? Our first assignment, as I understood it, was to identify one trait in our thinking that was keeping us from moving forward into…

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Transferable Leader

Dear Sally - Dragging or Leading

Dear Sally, What are the most transferable parenting lessons you apply when leading at work? Dear Transferable Leader, The root of the word discipline comes discipulus which means learner or pupil. Did you know that horses know latin? We do! Okay…we do not. But one of my human friends shared this etymology with me and…

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Our Relational Blind Spot: Getting to Know Each Other

They shake your hand and say they’re so glad you’ve joined the team. You have an impressive title, a shiny new badge to enter the building, and the passwords you need to start your first tasks. Now what? Well, according to EVERYONE, the rest is a confounding mystery. We are on-boarded into groups for about…

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